Breaking news! A new teleprompter simulation game has been officially submitted for the #resistjam event. Critics from all around the world have said literally nothing yet, since they don't even know about it. How this will affect the game's score, remains to be seen.

Rumor has it that "NNC news" instructions are:

- Find and click the words tagged as "banned".

- Choose one of the 3 alternatives to swap the word.

Thank you for your patience and hard work.

For a free country.


A Game by:

Design & Code: Denis Asensio (@JaaaPropano):

Art: Rubén Calles @ruben_oluwa

Music: Celer Gutiérrez (@celer_gut)

Voice acting & Localization: Joseph Beacham (@sometimesJoseph)

Voice acting: Sarah Brown (@Synaes)

Install instructions

If words are not clickable, download the alternate version.


NNC news (original version) 24 MB
NNC news (alternative version, if original is bugged) 27 MB


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This game was amazing, i laughed my ass off xDD

m a s t u r b a t i o n


That was fecking hilarious. Stumbling upon this made my morning. I wish there was more of this! If I had a billion dollars, I would totally fund this but with photo-realistic graphics, and voice-acting by Keanu Reeves, of course.

But thank you for sharing this entertaining experience! :)


You made a wonderful gaming experience about how absurde censorship can be. Many reasons are ridiculous, the alternatives as well. This great statement in combination with the great pixel art and voice-acting brought me to recommend your game in an article as well as to upload a gameplay video. <3 Thank you for this game!

Best wishes,


This is a Fox News Simulator in the style of Papers Please and I absolutely love it!

Feel free to watch me censor black immigrants in dinghies just like Fox News!


Thanks a lot and very nice gameplay! :)

Hope you enjoyed it!